Welcome to TeaAdvisor.com! This website is dedicated to tea and sets itself apart by it's commitment to always be 100% advertisement-free. The internet is a wonderful resource but the one thigyokurong I cannot stand is the excessive amount of ads. Banner ads, pop-up ads, customized ads from sites you visited recently and video ads that you know are playing because you can hear the music or spokesperson speaking but can't find the tab with the video let alone the video itself.

TeaAdvisor is one website you can count on to NEVER have any ads of any variety, ever.

Drinking tea is a relaxing part of literally billions of people's lives and TeaAdvisor wants to reflect the sense of tranquility, pleasure and the calm, meditative energy sipping on a nice cuppa provides us. Having seizure-inducing ads flashing all over a website is antithetical to our goal of maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.

With that said- brew a cup of your favorite tea, enjoy your visit and feel free to explore our fledgling website and community! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info at teaadvisor.com.